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4 Recruiter Tips That Can Help You Find a Job Faster

When you're looking for a job, it can sometimes feel like time is standing still. You search on job boards, apply to the positions that line up with your skills and experience, and even get a few interviews, but still you're waiting for the right match. Eventually, you're running low on patience, and your job search has become an exercise in frustration. You'd happily start a new job tomorrow. So what can you do to find that perfect position faster?

We talked with recruiters who make a living helping companies find the right employees for their job openings, and they had a few choice pieces of advice. When it seems the job market isn't cooperating with your timeline, try these recruiter tips for speeding up the search:

1. Network with everyone you meet
You've probably already told your friends, family and former colleagues about your job search. That's a good start, but when it comes to networking, it's only the beginning. When you're actively looking for a job, you have to put yourself out there as much as possible. That means chatting with fellow moms and dads on the sidelines at soccer practice, or even striking up a conversation with the guy sitting next to you at the cafe and mentioning your job search if the topic of work comes up naturally. You never know who might be able to hook you up with the right opportunity.

2. Get involved in your industry and community
Nearly every profession has a member organization, and most cities and counties have groups for businesses, such as a chamber of commerce. The meetings for these associations can offer great opportunities for networking with people who may know of job openings and can help you get your foot in the door. So join the appropriate organizations and attend their events. Ask the people you meet for advice and leads and don't hesitate to help fellow job seekers by passing along information they might find useful. If you help someone else professionally, he or she will be more likely to go out of the way to help you.

3. Polish up your LinkedIn account
There's a good chance you're already on LinkedIn, but are you using this professional networking site in the most useful ways? First, make sure your profile is in tip-top shape; any employer interested in interviewing you will likely look at your page before contacting you, and you want to make sure it's as complete and professional as possible. Then, go through your contact list and make sure you're connected with all the friends, family members and former coworkers who might be able to assist in your search.

After that, look for groups that serve your particular profession and join the ones that interest you most. Make a regular practice of participating in discussions and posting articles and links that might prove useful to contacts. It'll keep you top of mind if one of your connections hears of a suitable job opening.

4. Work with a recruiter
Naturally, a recruiter would advise someone looking for a job to engage a recruiter's services. But don't write off this last of our recruiter tips so fast. The best ones really can help you find a job faster because they have deep knowledge of the finance industry and a vast network of contacts in companies all over your region. They know which companies are looking for new employees, even the ones that aren't advertising on public job boards. And they're experts when it comes to finding the right job opening for you. They'll make sure you're not applying for jobs that don't match up with your skills and experiences.

Looking for a new job can be a challenging experience. Following these recruiter tips, though, should help ramp up the process. With any luck, you'll soon be interviewing for and accepting the new position you've been dreaming about.

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