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I Finally Fucked My Ex’s Best Friend And It Was Just As Mind-Blowing In Real Life As I’d Always Imagined

It was taboo. I realized that.

I surmise that is precisely why I needed it so terrible.


I planned my shower splendidly. As I killed the water, I could hear Max’s hands bobbling with the front doorknob, then the scrape of his shoes on the appreciated mat.

“One second!” I got out, drawing out my syllables gradually.

I needed him to know where I was.

I needed to see his face when I exited in only a towel.

I could hear him cross the lounge room and sink into a couch seat. I envisioned what he resembled—presumably his standard Nikes, athletic shorts, sweatshirt, and cap flipped in reverse. I’d generally been so pulled in to him, that easygoing kind of certainty that exclusive a previous university b-ball player can have. Fucking attractive.

I ran my fingers freely through my hair, then hurled it so it fell normally around my shoulders. I needed to look easy, as though I hadn’t made arrangements for him to come over at simply this minute, as though I hadn’t had any desire to fuck him since I first looked at him.

I opened the washroom entryway gradually, giving the steam a chance to waft out and giving myself a second to relax.

“I’m so sad. I sort of forgot about time.”

I let out a little chuckle. Fuck, would i say i was apprehensive?

He grinned, then looked down at the floor. “It’s fine, I’ll just, er—give you a moment to get dressed.” He stood up as though to clear out.

“No, truly, it’s alright.” I gestured towards my room entryway. “I really require your assistance in here.”

I made a stride towards him, holding the towel freely around my mid-section so that the line of my cleavage was scarcely obvious. I could see his eyes head out from my face to my neck, then from my collarbone to my mid-section. It sent a shudder down my spine.

He gradually ascended from the love seat to tail me.

Fuck. This was going on.

Honestly, I really brought Max over to help me move my furniture and fix a broken rack—genuine, honest to goodness, and a vocation for a post-university ball player kind of man. A provocative, fuckable, constantly needed however never-could-have sort of man.

I hadn’t as a matter of course anticipated alluring him. Not at first.

Be that as it may, strolling through the way to my room, seeing my dark trim bra on the floor where I had tossed it, and my sheets looking so perfect, so prepared, I said fuck it.

I was engaging in sexual relations with my ex’s closest companion. What’s more, it was occurring now.

I swung to face him. He was inclining toward my room entryway, his arms extended over his head and swinging from to the highest point of the casing. I could see the muscles on his arms uncovered through the flimsy shirt sleeves.

We bolted eyes. I could feel my heart pound in my mid-section.

We both recognized what the other was considering.

At long last.

I made a stride nearer to him, sufficiently close to notice his post-shaving astringent and the waiting, sweet resemble his sweat. It made me discombobulated.

“I truly require your assistance with something.” Holding my towel in one hand, I inclined my body against his mid-section, and ventured on my tip toes, achieving a hand around the back of his neck and pulling him towards me. “Can you help me?”

His muscles tensed. I could feel his erection as I pushed my hips into his. He looked down at me with those dim cocoa eyes and gradually, so fucking gradually, moved his hands from the door jamb to my shoulders.

I removed my hand from his neck and ran my fingers down towards his mid-section. His hands were warm and overwhelming on my shoulders. I gazed at him, attempted to give him my most honest look.

“Please,” I cooed, “I super need your assistance.”

We both recognized what I required.

His hands slid lower on my shoulders, achieving the line of the towel tucked under my arms. He fingered the wet fabric, then gradually achieved his pointer underneath the material, precisely moving my hand off the beaten path.

He inclined forward, put his lips to my mid-section and mumbled.

“Goddamn, You don’t know to what extent I’ve needed this.”

My knees locked accordingly. With a delicate movement, he pulled away the towel, giving it a chance to drop to the floor.

I stood exposed before him, and looked as his eyes went over my body. Gradually. Taking every last bit of me in.

“Fuck. Your body’s inconceivable.”

He squeezed my bosoms in his grasp. I shut my eyes and tilted my head back as he place them in his mouth, substituting amongst sucking and flicking my areolas with his tongue.

I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter.

I snatched his hair with one hand, pulling his head back; the other dove into the skin in his back.

“I need you,” I whispered.

He pulled far from me, then ripped off his shirt and lifted me up in one speedy movement. He tossed me on the informal lodging over me with his shorts still on and a grin all over.

“I’m going to make you ask for me.”


My body shocked accordingly. I needed him so terrible.

Before I comprehended what was going on, he slid his fingers in me and I panted. He pushed more profound, beating rapidly, gradually, then rapidly once more. A cadence that made my body both shiver and squirm with delight.

He recognized what the heck he was doing. That is without a doubt.

I shut my eyes and groaned. Each touch, each heartbeat was fucking stunning.

“I adore it when you groan,” he said, pushing his fingers more profound, making me curve my back with delight. “Presently I wanna recognize what you seem like when I’m inside you.”

My body shuddered. I was crazy, inebriated by his each touch. He was going to make me cum. Furthermore, I was frail.

With his fingers still inside me, he moved his body and pulled down his jeans, uncovering the chicken I’d been fucking envisioning about for quite a long time.

That taboo body part, that goddamn illegal man. I needed every last bit of him.

He slid his fingers out and his penis inside me in one movement. He felt so full. So fucking great. I bit my lip to keep from shouting out, however he saw me and pulled at my base lip.

“Don’t you keep down. I wanna hear you. I wanna hear you shout.”

Fuck. Fuck.

I shouted out, raspy and wildly as he thrusted over and over. I was at that point so near cumming it was inconceivable. My fingernails dove into his back and he bit my collarbone as he achieved his own climax. I could feel his body—each thick, solid muscle, the glow of his mid-section squeezed against mine.

“Groan.” He directed as he push significantly more profound and I did. I groaned. What’s more, I groaned. Furthermore, I pulled him nearer to me as he came.

His fingers slid back inside me and he beat once more. My whole body grasped, then discharged and I shouted out as I came.

He kissed my collarbone at the spot where he had nibbled it, a blend of both agony and joy.

“I think we ought to keep this our minimal mystery,” he said, his lips squeezed into my delicate skin. “I believe you’re going to require significantly a greater amount of my assistance.”

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